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patio with outdoor furniture and potted plants

Perth residents – are you looking for a patio installation company to provide you with the perfect outdoor space for your home? Look no further than Pergolas Perth Experts!

We specialise in designing and installing patios, pergolas, and decking for homes across Perth. Our experts will work with you to create a patio that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

A patio is a perfect way to add extra living space to your home. It can be used for dining, relaxing, or simply enjoying the fresh air. With Patios Perth Experts, you can ensure that your patio will be built to last and add value to your home.


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    What is a patio, and what are the benefits of installing our backyard?

    A patio is an outdoor area that is typically paved and sometimes has a roof or shelter. The word “patio” comes from the Spanish word for “backyard.” Patios can be either attached to your home or be freestanding structures.

    Patios provide homeowners with several benefits. Patios provide an extra living space to your home. This can be an excellent spot for entertaining guests or simply spending time outdoors with your family. Patios can also add value to your home if you ever decide to sell it.

    If you’re thinking about adding a patio to your backyard, contact Patios Perth Experts.

    Different types of patios to choose from, including concrete, stone, and brick

    There are different patios to choose from at Patios Perth Experts, including concrete, stone, and brick.

    A concrete patio is one of the most popular types of patio. It is affordable and can be easily customised to fit your backyard.

    Stone patio is a more expensive option, but it will last longer and is more durable than concrete.

    Brick patios are a good option if you want a classic look for your backyard.

    Each of the different types can be chosen depending on your budget and the look you are going for.

    If you are unsure what type of patio would be best for you, contact Patios Perth Experts for help.

    They will be able to give you advice on which type of patio would be best suited for your backyard.

    How to design and decorate your patio for maximum enjoyment

    There are different ways to design your patio depending on how you want to use it.

    If you want to use your patio for entertaining, you need to plan for enough seating and maybe even a BBQ area.

    If you want a place to relax, you can design your patio with a comfortable chair and some potted plants.

    No matter what type of patio you choose, decoration is also essential. You can decorate with outdoor furniture, rugs, and even string lights.

    Adding some greenery to your patio can also make it more inviting. Potted plants or hanging baskets are a great way to do this.

    Choosing the right furniture for your patio is also essential. You want furniture that is durable and resistant.

    Consider the type of guests, too. If you host kids a lot, you might want furniture that is easy to clean.

    If you are looking for patio ideas in Perth, experts can help you design and build the perfect space for your home. They will consider your budget and needs to create a perfect space for you and your family. So, if you are ready to add a patio, contact us.

    patio with three chairs and a table

    Tips for keeping your patio looking new and fresh all year round

    To keep your patio looking new and fresh, you should:

    – sweep it regularly to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating

    -hose it down occasionally to remove any build-up of dirt or grime

    -remove any weeds that may start to grow

    -repaint or re-stain it every few years to keep it looking new.

    By following these tips, you can enjoy your patio for longer.

    patio right in front of the house with outdoor furniture and potted plants

    Ideas for using your patio to entertain guests or relax after a long day

    The following are ideas for using your patio to entertain guests or relax after a long day

    -have a barbecue

    -have a picnic

    -relax in a hammock

    -read a book


    Whatever you decide to do, make sure you enjoy your patio! Perth has some of the best weather in Australia, so make the best use of it.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team at Pergolas Perth Experts is qualified to the highest standards and specialises in creating stunning, unique, and innovative pergola designs, as well as your average run-of-the-mill casual pergolas. We put our heart and soul into all we do and take pride in meeting our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations by delivering a final product that is solid, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

    The team at Pergolas Perth Experts has extensive experience working with every type of material available on the market today. We are experts in aluminium pergolas, hardwood pergolas, pine pergolas, faux stone slabs & posts, acrylic slabs & posts, to name just a few materials. No matter what material you use for your new outdoor area, one thing is that you will have a professional pergola built by the team at Pergolas Perth Experts that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    Do not settle for just any company; ensure you’re getting a high-quality finished product from a reliable team – contact us today to book your free consultation, and we can give you an obligation free quote on how


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      Your Local Pergola Builder in Perth

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